Journey into Nyx Draft Review: Blue

Carrying right along, here are the Blue cards:

Aerial Formation

Another strive finisher, which most of the cards seem to be as the design space seems pretty narrow. Blue Heroic was previously a deck, and if it still is, I can see this earning a 1-of spot.

Cloaked Siren

Faerie Impostors was good in M13 Limited, and this is a mana cheaper for much the same effect. The most important thing about its mana cost, however, is the fact it gets disguised in a Griptide. Now if your opponent plays around your removal spell, you can drop this card down with no loss of tempo, like a Horizon Chimera or a Breaching Hippocamp. Very solid card.

Crystalline Nautilus

One of my favourite cards from the new set, as I discussed in preview week. Whether oddball removal spell or undercosted beater, the flexibility and versatility here is awesome.

Daring Thief

I don’t usually discuss rares in this article series, but there’s something awesome about this ability worth noting. An aura will continue to enchant what it is already attached to, even if it changes controllers. This means that after you use an aura like Chosen by Heliod, you can use this ability to swap the Chosen with an Enchantment creature, even one that is bestowed. You’ll continue to get the benefits of the Chosen, and you’ll get the bestow creature when it dies, or immediately if it isn’t bestowed. =D

Hour of Need

Interestingly enough, I see people using this to target their own creatures more often then not, upgrading random Omenspeakers and whatever for a finishing attack in the air. Watch out for the Sea God’s Revenge blowout, however.


At first I looked at this and thought “Better Voyage’s End”. Then the more I thought about it, I realized that just simply wasn’t true. For any non-bestow auras, End is going to trump this every time, as the aura will go to the graveyard instead. This card seems more like a giant tempo sink, where you aim to hit a creature with one or two bestow creatures. Ideally, it’ll require two or more turns for the, to rebuild the creature they had.

Kiora's Dismissal

This is probably a huge bomb in this format. Removing auras and stuff is the obvious blowout, though I like that you can target bestow creatures in order to return them and re-bestow them. Nice little card.

Pin to the Earth

This card is likely a whole lot better then it looks. Limited players have been trained to ignore the -3/-0 instant effect generally in sets (hello, Lost in a Labyrinth!), but the story changes when it’s an aura. Sensory Deprivation was fine in M14, and I expect this will do a fair Pacifism impersonation (or at least, the “can’t attack” version, anyway).

Riptide Chimera

Another card where the drawback is secretly an upside. Any of the cantrip auras from the earlier sets are awesome with this (Chosen by Heliod, Karametra’s Favor, etc), and once again, you can return bestow creatures to recast them. On top of all this, Constellation exists in this set, so rebuying those effects every turn is awesome. This card is going to be sweet, and I look forward to playing with it.

Rise of Eagles

Poor Talrand’s Invocation. Still, this one is common, and 2 toughness is the magic number for flying in this limited format, so those bird will probably trade with a few things in the sky. The question is whether or not it is fast enough. Unexciting, but worth trying.

Sigiled Starfish

Another Omenspeaker, filling the same role, but doing it differently. The loss of power is probably more important then you think as now decks can make random attacks with 2/1’s without fear of losing a creature. Still, the scry effect over the long term should help you draw more impactful cards, assuming you can get there.

Thassa's Ire

Something to help inspired decks? Neat way to lock down an opposing creature? I have no idea what this card will do, but I’m looking forward to it.

Triton Cavalry

The base 2/4 body is nice, but I’ve just spent a few paragraphs above talking about how returning enchantments to hand might be a benefit in this format, so I’m unsure how to rate his other ability. You could just target him with an aura and immediately bounce it to loop constellation triggers? I don’t know.

Triton Shorestalker

Common, unblockable body to shove auras on? Seems sweet for the blue Heroic decks.

War-Wing Siren

Speaking of blue Heroic decks, they now have a flier that isn’t named Wingsteed Rider? Is this has good as the legend? Time will tell, though I suspect this is very good.

Whitewater Naiads

Lastly, we have the Naiads. Like I said in preview week, this is a nice finisher for slower blue decks, and combos nicely with something like Riptide Chimera above. Return a Fate Foretold, play it, get a card, make this guy unblockable, and then swing for seven. Seems sweet.

That’s it for blue! While the doesn’t seem to be the raw amount of awesome that we saw in white, blue is definitely equipped with a nice amount of cool synergies and neat tricks, which should lead to some interesting decks. Next up is black, which seems to have developed a hat for the heroic…. more then!

Until next time,



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