Born of the Gods Draft Review: Red

Time to examine the Red cards of Born of the Gods.

Akroan Conscriptor

Instant speed Act of Treasons seem like the actual nut. There’s a reason they stopped printing the effect at that speed. Slots perfectly into both aggressive and midrange red deks, and will cause a high number of combat blowouts.

Everflame Eidolon

This cards seems really awesome, and was one of the first cards that really caught my eye for draft. It basically seems like reds version of Baleful Eidolon, except this one will instead kill the opponent on an empty board. Firebreathing on both ends means you will get two opportunities to trade up, and of course slapping this on an evasive creature is basically insane. One of my favourite red cards in this set.

Fall of the Hammer

This card is very likely premium removal in this format, with how large creatures get. I particularly like how the interaction with deathtouch creatures turns this into Doom Blade (as the creature itself does the damage). It is worth noting that no damage is dealt if the creature is removed before the spell resolves, so play smart with this card and you will be rewarded.

Fearsome Temper

Auras are better in this format then most, so this effect is well worth looking it. The ability to break a ground stall is nice, dodging some random inconvenience like a Sedge Scorpion. I wouldn’t want to overload on this card, and I hardly think it will be an issue as there are plenty of cards you want higher then this, so it will likely come around late anyway.

Impetuous Sunchaser

Enables a Loyal Pegasus attack on turn two. That’s all I got.

Satyr Nyx-Smith

Haste makes this member of the token cycle interesting. Most likely, his body will be too small to survive any combats. Against a slow deck, however, he can easily get in for a good eight points of damage or so, although I don’t think slow decks actually exist in Theros (But that doesn’t stop me trying).

Searing Blood

This is mostly here to reiterate my “Cheap Interaction is good” stance in regard to Theros. The double red requirement means this will likely be passed further then Magma Jet or Lightning Strike would, so it’s more likely to get to the player that wants it. And of course, aggressive red loves this as it is a virtual two-for-one. Very solid card.

Stormcaller of Keranos

Now this girl is sweet. Three mana 2/2 haste can probably get in some damage early, and if you can activate the ability, she will draw you all gas all the time in the late game. I really like cards like this that are super strong if you can make them work, and the Stormcaller will definitely reward anyone who builds around her.

Thunder Brute

Thunder Brute looks like one of the strongest tribute cards for limited, next to Ornitharch. Six mana for a 5/5 trample haste, or an 8/8 trample, are both very sweet deals, and the decision is likely to come down to how quickly your opponent can deal with it (Asphyxiate, for example, prefers the 8/8 mode). Very, very strong card, and a lategame bomb.

That’s all for the red cards! Red definitely gained some sweet uncommon incentive cards, and some solid role players at common. Red in tripe Theros was a little shallow, but hopefully committing to the colour early in Born will allow you to have the lion’s share of the red cards in the draft.

Next time we have the green cards, before finishing up with the multicolour and artifacts.



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